Lighting Installations

SM Electrics supply and install a range of lighting solutions for your property. For professionally fitted lights and wiring across London, Hertfordshire and Middlesex, look no further.

Interior Lighting

SM Electrics can install any lighting required, with an intelligent approach to design and layout. For advice on lighting, or if you need lights installed, choose SM Electrics.

We can provide energy efficient solutions for home and office, so contact us to discuss your requirements.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is essential in business premises. We can install comprehensive emergency lighting, designed to activate in the case of a power cut and allow people to safely make their way to the exits.

Security Lighting

Whether you need floodlights or motion sensitive patio lights, SM Electrics can install the correct security lighting to safeguard your home. We can advise on the type and placement of lights to ensure your home is fully covered.

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